Taibao Group was founded in 1993, Located in Shandong Province ZiboMata lake Edge. Is china  currently set research and development, production, sales and service in one of the information anti-counterfeiting and blood transfusion medical equipment manufacturers. Company from the production of a single laser holographic anti-counterfeiting products started, has been developed for anti-counterfeiting technology, environmental protection-oriented anti-counterfeiting materials, anti-counterfeiting packaging integration and high-end medical equipment, such as 4 subsidiaries of the Group of Enterprises, is the national new material industrialization base of the backbone enterprises, state-level High-tech enterprises, key industrial enterprises in Shandong Province

      As the leading enterprise of the domestic anti-counterfeiting industry, Taibao actively build high-end scientific research platform, with the famous university cooperation, the creation of 4 provincial-level technology research and Development center, the establishment of the academician workstation and post-doctoral research workstation, with more than 500 completely independent intellectual property rights of scientific research, formed from the logo, materials to the packaging of the complete industrial chain , with the world's leading fully closed anti-counterfeiting production lines and world-class production equipment, annual output of 15 billion high-performance anti-counterfeiting identification, is the domestic technology advanced anti-counterfeiting identification production base. Anti-counterfeiting products related to the common type of identification, uncover categories of identification, scraping the type of identification, logistics anti-counterfeiting integrated identification, electronic regulatory code, security bills, cards and RFID electronic security labels, can fully meet the various areas of security needs, currently for Sinopec, Shanghai Volkswagen, Guizhou Maotai, Sichuan Wuliangye, Luzhou old cellar, Tsingtao beer, Zhejiang fast grams, clouds and other domestic more than 3,000 outstanding enterprises, tens of thousands of products to provide high-grade all-round, integrated product anti-counterfeiting and logistics information management services.

      Innovative operation of disposable transfusion equipment and its supporting products of the industrialization model, is the company to expand the new development space, to achieve from the information field to medical equipment in the field of the perfect leap. has been built with the world's advanced level of large-scale medical equipment modernization production center, has fully meet the World Health Organization's unified standards of automated control production lines and Shandong province blood transfusion Equipment Engineering technology Research Center, Blood Technology Laboratories and other research platforms, the existing 10 major series of leading products, More than 50 national patents with independent intellectual property rights and 4 state-level new products, with national 863 projects, the National High-tech Industrialization Demonstration Project, the State key industries revitalization and technical renovation projects, the National Science and Technology SME Innovation Fund projects, such as national-level project implementation. A one-time use of virus inactivated blood transfusion filter, a one-time use of centrifugal plasma separator, disposable plasma single production filter membrane separator, disposable use of machine blood collection, medical low-temperature table, such as series of advantage products, very popular in China.

      Create value for customers, take responsibility for society, share the sorrow for the country. Tai Bao is a new development of high, excellent products, quality service and excellent sustainable development capabilities, in order to achieve the "Chinese dream" contributing force, to contribute to the peak of the industry wings soar.