Shandong Taibao Anti-counterfeiting Products Co., Ltd.

       Shandong Taibao Anti-counterfeiting Products Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001, is a professional engaged in anti-counterfeiting Logistics packaging integrated product development, production, sales of state-level High-tech enterprises, China's packaging products fixed-point production enterprises, drug traceability Code fixed-point production Enterprises, the National Security Industry Association designated anti-counterfeiting products manufacturers.

       In 2003, the company first passed the ISO9001 Quality Management system, ISO14001 Environmental Management System certification, 2010 made the national Industrial product production license, 2016 one-time through the green printing certification (ie 10 ring certification), 2017 passed the OHSAS18001 Occupational health and Safety management system certification.

       Companies always adhere to innovation and development, and give full play to the group's Anti-counterfeiting technology platform advantages, the realization of the traditional printing, anti-counterfeiting printing and digital printing of the perfect combination, at the same time realize the logistics of channeling goods, code anti-counterfeiting, Internet information code, such as a series of variable information and packaging products integrated production, is the traditional packaging and printing breakthroughs and innovation. "Logistics anti-counterfeit goods packaging products" to fill the gap, reached the international leading level. Over the years to select the products have been "excellent packaging products in Shandong Province," the title.

       The company is equipped with international first-class level of anti-counterfeiting and digital printing production lines, to achieve a single sheet of paper, web, thick paper, thin tissue and other materials processing needs, can complete the drug electronic Regulatory Code, logistics anti-counterfeiting control of goods code, variable two-dimensional information code, such as anti-counterfeiting information products printing and processing. The scope of business services covers the Anti-counterfeiting packaging products, logistics and channeling goods packaging products, electronic regulatory code packaging products, security cards and traditional printing products and other fields.

       First-class talent, first-class management, first-class equipment, first-class service has won the trust of many customers, Chinese medicine group, China Resources Pharmaceutical, Xinhua pharmaceutical, Shandong Lukang pharmaceutical, Rongchang Pharmaceutical, Yellow Sea Pharmaceutical, East Medicine group, Disha Pharmaceutical, Taiyuan Pharmaceutical, Shijiazhuang  Pharmaceutical Group, Beijing Outsell and many other well-known enterprises become the company's strategic partners.