Digital information security hot stamping foil in 2012 successfully developed, it is to fill the gaps in security industry, marks a traditional holographic anti-counterfeiting hot stamping foil anti-counterfeiting technology application and the modern new anti-counterfeiting technology into the specification phase. Modern new anti-counterfeiting technology is a combination of "accurate and efficient and convenient" digital multimedia information security technology.

  The characteristics of digital information security stamping foil are the high level of bar code, high reading rate and high speed online collection, which can save the assignment process and greatly reduce the cost. Completely eliminate the data duplication batch, the counterfeit is difficult to identify the difficult problem.

  Digital information security features of hot stamping foil hidden information, can be integrated information security information, printing of many kinds of forms, such as digital information security information information fusion, holographic technology, printing technology, digital printing technology, structure technology, high imitation difficulty. In the production process, hot stamping is directly applied to the specified location of the object, which is integrated with the package, and it is not separated. It is well integrated with the protected product and is easy to use.

       Digital information security stamping foil was awarded the "blue shield cup" security anti-counterfeiting technology innovation award in October, 2017.


  Digital information security hot stamping foil has attracted a lot of attention at the beginning of the market, and has been the first in the field of alcohol, tobacco, drugs and other industries. Such as luzhou laojiao, jingzhi wine industry, taishan xinyue, hongshuangxi, jiuxin pharmaceutical and other famous brands have achieved good application results.

  In 2015, the research and development of the traceable smart gasket breaks the production process of traditional gaskets, and the traditional ordinary bottle cap gasket is transformed into a new structure anti-counterfeit gasket. Traceability intelligent gasket with traditional anti-counterfeiting technology, the combination of complementary advantages, can increase the technology content of the gasket, improve the counterfeit difficulty the gasket fine degree, with complementary advantages of traditional anti-counterfeiting technology. Today, many businesses are paying more and more attention to their own living environment, especially the many well-known brand manufacturers, deeply realize the importance of anti-counterfeiting anti-counterfeiting, eager to take powerful means to crack down on and to prevent counterfeit and shoddy products, to effectively protect themselves and the interests of consumers. The traceability of smart gaskets will be a powerful weapon in our country to crack down on counterfeit and shoddy products.

  The five code correlation system  developed in 2016 has launched a new anti-counterfeiting marketing model for the liquor industry, which can realize the following benefits for the liquor industry:

  1、 It can achieve the greatest degree of liquor production, storage, sale of the whole process of information efficiency, precise control of each product to sales and ownership, assist the company with no evidence of Cuanhuo reduces the complexity of artificial statistics and query;

  2、In warehousing section, it can play the role of high speed quantity counting, classified storage and inventory of liquor, and real-time statistics of product production, warehousing, storage and delivery;

  3、In logistics, it can greatly improve the logistics speed; The dealers and dealers can check each other, and the company's managers can quickly learn about the report and reduce the workload of the company to a certain extent.

  4、In the store chain, it can establish a flagship store with customer experience, and establish a data mining system focusing on sales data/customer focus.

  5、It has the function of IP location, which can help the company judge whether the goods are running or not.

  6、 The company can quickly redefine the location of product sales, so that the company can adjust the sales (replacement, return). 

  Among them, "jingzhi liquor multi-code related anti-counterfeiting logistics traceability marketing application case" won the "blue shield cup" commodity and brand protection retrospective excellent application case award.

  The scheme can be used to determine the sales area by reading the external code of the box, by assigning codes to the top of the bottle cap, outside of the bottle cap, outside of the box, and outside of the box. The cap in the innovative within the gasket implementation code, with the aid of gasket, such as carrier loading qr code on the label, to realize cap, box, box yard, crib yard information online, five yards to complete the channeling, traceability, promotion, envelopes, etc. Since the implementation of the scheme was successfully JingZhi liquor not only effectively solve the product market channeling goods, counterfeit query and maintenance of the user's credibility, consumer rights and interests and the market order, make JingZhi liquor, effectively improve the brand value and economic benefits.